Thursday, 5 March 2009

Hello One and All

I am Maurice Ward, back in the 80's I invented a material called Starlite.
This was brought about as a result of the Manchester air disaster 1n 1985 where 55 people died in forty seconds from the inhalation of toxic smoke and fumes. In 1990 Starlite passed the tests of ATS 1000 65/65 burn test and also the heat release, and smoke and toxicity for aircraft interiors on safety.
In March 1990 The Live demonstrations on Video BBC's Tomorrow's World showed that Starlite could keep an egg cold even with a 1200 degrees celcius flame impingeing on the EGG for 5 minutes, and when cracked open 'The Egg had not even began to cook''. If you are old enough, you may remember the demonstration, if you missed it I have repeated it may times and there is a version on Youtube just here.
Following the demonstrations I became involved with many tests including 5th July 1990 at AWE, Foulness, giving protection against nuclear weapons effects, a fluence of 10,000 o.c. was contained and dealt with. Resulting in ''mauriceward starlite'' being entered in the ''Guiness Book of Records''. An eventual test on 4th/5th October 1990 was to withstand 75 fluences[75 Hiroshema's 10,000.o.c on the front face, only 70.o.c on the back face] travelling at the speed of light was dealt with; being expressed as 29,800 Cals CM2. in 2 minutes 29 seconds. Further test by Military lasers were carried out acheiving spectacular results.
Many companies became involved, including furniture, aircraft safety, and various defence companies, NASA, Macdonnel Douglas[JSF program], Boeing and several Government Organisations, and I have continued working on Starlite and many other projects.
Because of the continued interest I have started this Blog so as to share some of my experiences and accounts with anyone who is interested enough to read it.
Also I will be inviting suggestions from people on how to bring Starlite into the commercial market.
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Maurice, your invention is so important please share it with the rest of the world. Whatever has happened in the past cannot be allowed to ruin such a great invention .

So please do bookmark it and pop back periodically to have a look. I get a great deal of email from people around the world and do my best to answer it all, if however you email me and don't get a response please accept my apologies, it's due to the work load in R&D.


Kind Regards



  1. After reading the Telegraph article this week I just wanted to wish you the best of luck in ensuring this fantastic product gets to be used in applications for maximising safety.

  2. Hi Maurice, You said; " I will be inviting suggestions from people on how to bring Starlite into the commercial market."

    Dare I say take Starlite to Dragon's Den. Those guys sure know how to get new products marketed!

    Good luck!
    Jules UK ;o)

  3. Now that is awesome. But like my 1970's book about missiles says 'If it was American, all of NATO would be using it by now.' And its true for this as well.

  4. Maurice you Charlatan.
    Are you still looking to purchase the yacht club and bar members on the grounds of sexuality ?you've had your fifteen minutes now fuck off and grow old gracefully- . timewasting wanker .

  5. Maurice. How are you doing? It's been a year since your last post. Do you have any updates on bringing STARLITE to market? Or any other new discoveries? Thanks!

  6. Mr Ward, your invention Starlite has the potential to open up a world of possibilities for all mankind. Aside from all the lives it could save, the remarkable qualities of Starlite could open up new frontiers in exploration be that journeys to the centre of the Earth or into outer space. I hope that your invention will one day contribute to mankind taking its place amongst the stars.

    I understand that the military applications for Starlite are less laudable but I hope that that Starlite will benefit all mankind by helping to usher in a new era of scientific and technical innovation. No other invention has so grabbed my imagination as Starlite because of the endless possibilities it affords. I very much hope that you are able to commercialise Starlite. I do not have a great deal of money but what little I have I would gladly give you to realise this dream that I have for Starlite.

  7. It is regretable that you have chosen to sit on this discovery when it could have been the shot in the arm the private space industy needed. You could have been the man that brought space travel to the masses. Instead you have your piers calling you a crackpot or a wanker. Was it all about the money? Sad.

  8. please look for the latest, it is marvelous 31st July 2010

  9. It would be great for the home-improvement market. If one could mix in colors and paint their houses, roofs, etc. to insulate and retard heat penetration, not to mention the fireproofing angle, it might sell well.

  10. Maurice,
    Re your post of 31st July 2010, what is 'the latest' you mention?
    Whatever it is I'd love to look at it! Please can you point me in the right direction?

  11. Hi Maurice,

    Stop procrastinating and licence the product. Starlite has proven capabilities and multiple (perhaps unlimited) applications. It seems that the stumbling block is Maurice Ward himself. You are Britain's answer to Bill Gates and had you acted years earlier your bank balance would have cleared our nation's debt!! Don't be a fool man, delay any longer and you risk giving Starlite to the Grim Reaper. Be remembered as a header in the history books and not a small footnote!!

    1. Jesus. You predicted this shit man. He died with his invention and the Grim Reaper has it all for hell damnation day

    2. So sad, and so true. Have a look at this though:

  12. Hi Maurice

    I would like to see if you would license your product for a special project.

    Kind regards

    Jonathan de Rin

  13. Hi Maurice,

    You have a great product there! It would be fantastic if you could help put this country back on it's feet by manufacturing your product here, creating jobs and helping save lives!
    Please don't leave it too long.


    Wayne Smith

  14. Hello Mr Ward,
    I have been hoping for some sort of insulating paint for domestic and campervan applications since first seeing the tommorows world programme many years ago. The obvious questions arise.
    What have been the obstacles that have prevented Starlite from reaching the market place? Do ever intend to produce the substance commercially?
    Kind regards
    Stefan Kosterski

  15. Mr. Ward

    Are you still there?

  16. It's a shame Maurice. I think that you could make a reasonable fortune by anybody's standard and go down in history for revolutionising the world. However, you seem to be aiming for something more than anyone can offer and in the process I wonder how much progress that could have been made if you'd released Starlite has been lost and how many lives that could have been saved have also been lost.

    For what reason? More money then you can ever spend? For fame? If you take the secret of this invention to your grave because of money, your legacy will be infamy and the witholding of a gift to the human race due to greed. You have every right of course to make money from your invention but isn't there something inside that gnaws at your soul when you see tragedies that could have been prevented if only you were prepared to settle for a simple fortune rather than wealth beyond reason? Of course you may have other reasons that you only know but from this observers perspective I feel that you have missed an opportunity to do great things and I fear that you will take your secret with you to death and you'll have left the world as you found it, no worse but no better either. I wish I had the opportunity that you had - just to do something sensational for mankind, the money bit would be a nice perk but the main attraction would be the legacy.

    1. It was never about the money. You people dont get that. He didnt want it to fall short of what it could be used for. Being used for could have turned into on every car every house anything and everybody would benefit from it. But selling it without having the say of what it would be used for good or bad.
      Not only that but these big companies would have paid a small Fortune to shelf it and or make what they wanted and never really doing it to save mankind from disasters but all to have a bigger stock margin. And you do have the opportunity quit writing dumb shit and go do and come up with something. It dont and wont fall on to your keyboard lol. Goodluck. all in time. there is no failure just a million ways not to do something. I didnt come up with that last line btw if you couldnt tell. Lol.

  17. Dear Maurice,

    I understand why you are not 'sharing starlite with the world', as stswalden pleaded with you to do just three days ago in this comment section.

    With the world the way it still is today, if you DID just give it out to the world, it would be used more for harm then for good.


    Believe me...when the time is when the world will use it for good rather than harm...the way will open up & present itself to you naturally & you will KNOW it is safe to release it then.

    That time is coming VERY SOON, so don't give up or despair of it ever coming to benefit mankind.

    I admire your integrity & tenacity in keeping to it! So RARELY seen in the world these days...especially where big money is concerned.

    Thank you for your great service to mankind in inventing it & more keeping it out of the world's hands until it is SAFE to do so.

    Much love & support to you & your family,
    Maiden PEI, Canada

  18. Starlite is easily the most important invention in the last 100 years. It'd be surprising if you weren't a billionaire.
    However, I would like to know, how does Starlite breakdown? Would it be considered "green"? I've read that it gives off no fumes, but other than that, how toxic is it? Could a child eat a bit of it and live? Could this stuff be made into housing material and then be demolished later, and allow the grass and trees to still grow? Is it likely that it will add to our ever-expanded cancer problem, or that the factories to produce it will destroy our air any worse than other plastic factories?
    You are doing great things, and I completely understand the hugeness of this, and the incredible range of applications it could be used for. I am merely curious.

  19. I hope Mr Ward sees this.
    May I please point out that nothing stops an inventor giving license to more than one corporation or company. If you sell outright the rights to an invention or give exclusive production licensing to a single company they might do what Edison did to Tesla.
    He bought the rights to Tesla's clean and free electricity and buried it. [If only we can find that].
    Thanks to Edison we have a polluted world. Tesla died broke and heartbroken. Traditionally inventors do not become rich. Those who usurp inventions do so.

  20. Hi Maurice,

    I want to contact you regarding Starlite. Do you have email.


  21. It has been reported that Mauric Ward died some time ago. Maurice will be sadly missed and is an inspiration to inventors all over the world. Let us hope that his legacy is able to continue and his visions for starlite are realised.

  22. Good day, Mr. Ward.

    I work for the largest paints and coatings manufacturer in Colombia, and, by a happy coincidence, I came across your youtube demonstration of Starlite protecting an egg.

    I have shown it to several people in my company and they are also amused and amazed that this product had not been offered to us through the usual channels, i. e., our raw material suppliers. I think that it has lots of potential uses in the coatings and manufacturing industries.

    Please let us know whether there is a possibility of including Starlite into paint formulations in order to impart flame retardation and insulation to coatings, and therefore to the articles coated with them.

    I look forward to explore what possibilities your product has in our field.

    Best regards, and best luck.

    Juan Agudelo

  23. Hi, Mr. Ward
    I was amazed when I first saw you on T.V. That was back in the late 80`s or early 90`s, or both. I think you where on more than once.
    I was realy sure your invention would sooner or later be used. It has been alot later than I thought. I just can`t understand why your product has not met the standards requirered to use it.
    It took me awhile to find you again. Thanks to the internet, I have. I am hoping to see more account where your product is used.
    By for now. Hope to be able to use your product for my home some day.

  24. Goodnight sweet prince... I hope that starlite is real and goes the way of the common match.

  25. I remember meeting Mr Ward around 1993 at Birch service station near Manchester,England with a view to develop this technology in fire resistant coated textiles. I have no notes and only a hazy recollection of the details but,don't laugh,he placed a lot of emphasis on feathers from hens being incorporated into a plastic,probably polyurethane base.
    Dave Pickup.

  26. Two things, firstly stop your bickering and find a way to get this product to market. There are many creative minds out there who will dream of doing who knows what with this stuff. Secondly, invent a solution to permanently remove unwanted body hair, at least half the world will be banging on your door to get it.

  27. This is one of the worst real events I have ever learned of and I grew up in cult affiliated with the Branch Davidians of Waco TX! Shame upon the companies & investment groups for not giving the old cook whatever he wanted as he was offering a ready made product that would have propelled any business entity to unimaginable new earnings reports, shame on the inventor for you being so demanding without having the savy to get what you wanted and just keeping your secret all to your self, shame on the inventors family if any of them know how to make this stuff as well as the first two if even one serious injury or death could have been prevented with this material- Mr. Ward could have taken out a patent and licenced this to companies all over the world and then made the formula public when the patent ran out and it would have been a win-win situation for him and the human species. I think all that has happened here is just more proof that Einstein was correct in lamenting that "Our technology has clearly supast our humanity."

  28. Hello Mr Maurice Ward,

    I met your product demo way back in 2009. Today, I met a friend, Jerry, and I shared with him the many profound inventions and/or discoveries I read in Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and other similar magazines. I mentioned to him your Starlite product.

    When I got back to work, I searched for you again to see if you or your product still exist. I was elated to find that you have a blog. Sir, I am from USA. I am very fascinated why many individuals and companies are not able to deal business with you regarding your amazing Starlite product. I am almost sure that these interested parties are more on financial aspect of it. But you captivated my curiosity regarding your hard-willed character. I see that you have a wisdom I may need and I would greatly love to know what it is, that is, if you are willing to share some benevolence with me.

    I am happy and contented with what I have. However, I am continually searching on how to improve myself and have a meaningful and superior purpose in life. I thought you have something I may need to improve the quality of my innermost self. On the other hand, I also found something and in my study, it is beyond what you have. I would greatly love to meet you in person hoping we could freely share wisdom. If security and other related safety measures are a concern then email communication would suffice.

    I hope that you will find use of your Starlite product for the good welfare of humanity. May you have a blessed mighty day.

    I did a posting but it didn’t take for whatever reason so I am trying to repeat it again. If duplicate entries appear, my apology

    Sonny Guevarra

    1. I'm pretty sure he has passed away

  29. Dear commenters, Maurice Ward (RIP) died in May 2011

  30. Does anyone know what Starlite smelled like it's super important please I will share the results with everyone.

    Or if anyone knows how to contact the family?

  31. ok ok so Mr Ward never shared his invention..the uses and possibilities are mind blowing, we know it was out there, he did it, why can't you.
    My point is, because you are reading this, you are really interested, can, we take the power of the group, and "Open Source" invent this polymer.

  32. He was a hoax... a fraud. The material was completely a snake oil and that is the primary reason nothing ever came of it.

  33. I'm currently studying computer science, my sister is a plastics composites master engineer and I must say, if this material was discovered and reverse-engineered. There would be BREAKTHROUGHS in the world today. I totally understand why he wouldn't release it to the public. (government stealing his patent, using it for war, etc) but it's sad to see something so rare and useful be left in the past. Watch this video if you have a curiosity for subjects such as this.

  34. Man has created a unique invention, and because of his vanity or greed, never revealed the secret of saving the lives of millions of people. One of the saddest stories.

  35. Another case of Andrea Rossi and his E-CAT hoax. To this day, some people still claim Johann Bessler - Orffyreus had invented a perpetuum mobile wheel in the 18th century, "by chance".
    But Ward's hoax is more elaborate, as it involves so called "independent replications" by credible third parties, which actually nobody has been able to confirm.
    Today, the medias are full participants of elaborate "energy" and "scientific breakthroughs" scams.